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The history of polo shirts

The history of polo shirts: the birth of an eternal legend in the fashion industry.

The history of polo shirts has been shaped by the constant developments in the fashion technology industry. The shirt model has become a constant source of creative inspiration for fashion designers. Polo t-shirt models, with more than a century of formation and development, are suitable for all ages and are often prioritized for use as office uniforms and daily wear.

  1. What is a polo shirt? What is the meaning of the name “polo”?

and have become a popular fashion item. The polo shirt is a collared shirt, created by combining the dynamic form of a T-shirt and the elegant collar of a shirt. It is distinguished by its short, elastic-sewn sleeves. This is a high-end fashion shirt that is popular with many people. The name “polo” originates from the famous polo sport – horseback hockey from India. Players in this sport had to wear long-sleeved shirts made from thick cotton material, which was uncomfortable and hindered movement due to the collar not being sewn in place. To remedy this, players used a button to fix the top of the collar to the body of the shirt for easier and more comfortable movement. Design experts then innovated and modified the shirt to suit the specific characteristics of the polo sport. Since then, designers have created a shirt called a polo, with diverse designs, impressive colors, and the best fabric materials. Thus, polo shirts originated from Indian hockey playersand have become a popular fashion item.


  1.  Origin of the Birth and Evolution of the Polo Shirt

Austria was formed over 100 years ago, undergoing evolution and development under the guidance of the world’s leading design experts.

2.1 in a polo match What is the history of the polo shirt’s origin?

The history of the polo shirt’s origin dates back to India, the birthplace of polo – hockey on horseback. This sport was brought back to the country by British colonial soldiers, turning polo into an aristocratic sport in the late 19th century. The shirt was born when design experts noticed the discomfort of the players participating in polo. The famous designer from the famous Lacoste brand noticed the inconvenience of sportswear and was determined to improve this shirt.

An image of a hockey player wearing a polo shirt competingin a polo match can be seen.

2.2 The process of development and evolution of the shirt began with the sport of Polo becoming increasingly popular around the world at the end of the 19th century.

The clothes that players often used when playing this sport were originally a tight, long-sleeved shirt with fabric thick and a fluttering collar, which caused creating discomfort when moving. By 1920, the short-sleeved polo shirt was born. The original shirts made participating players feel uncomfortable and restrictive, not providing comfort when exercising. Jean Rene the designer and Lacoste, founder of the brand, understood Lacoste the inconvenience users and was of determined to innovate this shirt. Mr. Jean Rene Lacoste devoted all his enthusiasm, day and night, to innovate and create a polo shirt with the perfect combination a T-shirt and a shirt. of He kept the elegant collar of the shirt, but renewed it with a V-shaped collar and three fixed buttons at collar, the a perfect combination of dynamism and comfort.

 In 1930, Jean René brought a global fever, appearing widely around the world. The polo shirt carried the symbol of the rise of youth, honoring the image of gentlemen, elegant and full of energy. As the person responsible for making polo shirts the most popular shirt style, Jean René Lacoste caused a fever in the men’s fashion industry, contributing to the development of the strong Lacoste brand. In 1967, design experts from famous fashion brands created polo shirts with diverse designs, suitable for all industries and different job characteristics. Collared polo shirts became increasingly popular, bringing success to fashion brands. By 1980, was the biggest polo shirt war world-famous brands from known. The war took place and has lasted for decades until today.

Image of a polo shirt from the 80s

  1. Polo shirts and their relationship with men’s sports – The history of polo shirts originates from the horseback sport of polo. The shirt was used by the athletes of this sport to compete. Later, they used the name Polo, meaning polo ball, to name the shirt. The sport of hockey, also known as polo, is where the name of this shirt comes from – The shirt became widely known through the US Open tennis tournament in 1926. Design expert and founder of the world-famous Lacoste brand, Rene Lacoste, wore the polo shirt he created and won the championship in the tournament. The polo t-shirt has become a fashion phenomenon with close relationships with many other men’s sports. Polo shirts also created a craze on tennis courts at that time – The shirt is used by gentlemen when participating in the high-class sport of golf. Polo shirts have become a companion for men when playing golf. This discipline helps improve communication skills, relax the mind, and relax the body after a long day of work.

the players The aristocratic sport of golf is also where players wear polo shirts.

  1. Legendary polo shirts with diverse designs never go out of boys helping create their own office fashion style, style with unique personality.

4.1 The turn-down T-shirt model is sewn by fashion designers from the best fabrics, with unique colors suitable for all body types.

The unique point attracts most customers to buy the shirt at an affordable price while low ensuring still the product has the best This quality. cost is a strong advantage that helps polo t-shirts become a popular product line for many customers. These low-cost polo shirts are suitable for most customers, and are utilized by many brands to become models of office attire, business uniforms, office attire for men and women, and branded men’s polo shirts, etc.

4.2 Polo shirts are suitable for both men and women.

The collared t-shirt was born out of the constant creativity of designers, bringing shirts with unique colors, high-quality fabrics, and designs suitable for both men and women of all ages. For women, polo shirt designs come in slim fit or classic form. These two shirt forms have the advantage of hugging the body without being too tight or too loose, just fittingly showing off the body’s curves. The colors are gentle, delicate, sweet, and beautiful, with a strange appeal, attracting all eyes. For gentlemen, designers use regular form. Unlike the above two shirt forms, regular brings a comfortable feeling, helping men easily exercise vigorously and participate in sports activities.

The use of youthful, dynamic colors creates a shirt full of energy, creating new sources of inspiration.

4.3 Polo T-shirts, designed by were born with the Lacoste, perfect combination of elegant shirt collar and an comfortable T-shirt famous designer a Jean Rene form.

This combination gives the polo shirt outstanding advantages of both shirts and T-shirts, allowing boys and girls to easily combine it with different types of outfits. The shirt’s collar design has the added benefit of showing elegance and luxury, making it easy for office workers to mix it with pants, vests, and skirts. The shirt also has a comfortable, dynamic feeling inherited from the spacious T-shirt form, which can be skillfully combined with shorts, ripped jeans, leggings, khaki pants, and jogger pants.

Polo shirts are easy-to-coordinate outfits suitable for both men and women.

  1. What is different about Polo Marcosee?
  2. Marcosee always meets the most difficult requirements in terms of product quality, fabric, color, print, shape, and sewing techniques. Material is the main factor that makes the Marcosee brand stand out.
  3. The history of polo shirts has undergone evolutionary development over the past 100 years, resulting in them becoming one of the most popular T-shirts in the world. Polo shirts have become a constant companion for boys when participating in sports, and a legend that never goes out of style in the fashion industry, easily combined with many different types of outfits, suitable for all ages.




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