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Supima cotton

 What is Supima cotton? What are its characteristics and how should it be preserved?

Supima cotton is considered a rare and popular fabric globally, convincing even the most demanding customers. So, what is Supima cotton? And why is it so popular? Let’s learn more about this fabric with Vanda Uniforms through the article below. What is Supima cotton? Made from fibers of the Pima cotton plant originating from Peru, Australia, and some places in the United States, Supima cotton has super long fibers, often produced exclusively for high-end garment products. Pima cotton has a special structure that makes the fabric soft, light, and extremely durable, retaining color for a long time. Furthermore, the product is made from Supima cotton, and after washing, it will be softer and have an anti-shrink mechanism five times more than other normal cotton. “At first, Supima cotton was called American-Egyptian cotton, then changed its name to Pima cotton/Supima cotton after the name of Pima Indian – Native American Indians.” Supima cotton is famous not only for the specialness of Pima cotton but also for the influence of the fabric’s weaving technology.

Supima cotton is woven according to Double Face Weaving, one of the most advanced weaving technologies in Germany today. After being woven, the fabric creates two completely different sides: one outside side is cotton with all the advantages of cotton, and one inner surface is poly, which provides ventilation, dries quickly, absorbs moisture quickly, and prevents and can also moisture from entering from the outside. Supima, it With 100% Cotton feel, is cool and comfortable, brings a smooth absorb quickly sweat without causing It is odor. safe for the skin, but because it is a natural product, it is prone to shrinking and wrinkling after washing. Advantages of Supima cotton fiber compared to regular cotton include stronger fibers (45% stronger than other conventional cottons), higher durability, good elasticity, and a soft fabric structure that the wearer comfortable. Supima Additionally, cotton has a structure 35% longer than current conventional makes cotton, making the fibers soft and resistant to fraying when washed multiple times.

When washing Supima cotton clothes, it is best to separate white and colored clothes. This will help to prevent the color from fading and the white clothes from becoming discolored. Corrected: more vivid Supima cotton yarn is woven using special German technology, so it has excellent color absorption ability. Moreover, it has higher absorbent and moisture-retaining properties than other types of cotton, so products made from this material have colors, are harder to fade and last longer when washed many times. Tips for washing and preserving Supima cotton clothes should include: washing be washed use; not overusing many types of washing powder; not washing immediately after After wearing it degrees; and not washing to go out or together. sweat a lot, best to wash it immediately. If for it is a long time, it will smell left bad and get moldy. choose less alkaline and strong, and do When using washing powder, not one that is use bleach, especially on colored shirts. with hot water > 40 Real Supima cotton fabric is very sensitive to temperature, so in water it should not that is too hot > 40 degrees, hot water can cause as the fabric to stretch and lose its shape. white and colored shirts When washing Supima cotton clothes, it is best to separate white and colored clothes. This will help to prevent the color from fading and the white clothes from becoming discolored.

Ironing with steam at a moderate temperature is the best way to keep the shirt looking new. Do not wash or soak white shirts with other colored shirts, especially dark-colored T-shirts. In addition, if you machine wash, you should turn the shirt inside out (putting it in a laundry bag is recommended), and do not wash it with thick and hard clothes. It is recommended that you wash Supima cotton by hand. will stretch Supima cotton instead of fabric softener; fabric softeners t-shirts very quickly. Use scented fabric softener Do not wring the shirt too dry after washing, as Supima cotton fabric is easily deformed. Therefore, experts advise that you should never let the washing machine spin too dry for cotton clothes. Always remember to use thick hangers with wide shoulders instead of thin iron hangers, as this will help the item maintain its shape. Dry in the shade; drying in direct sunlight will reduce the lifespan of a shirt, especially with organic materials. Ironing is with steam a at moderate temperaturethe best way to keep the shirt looking new.

Shirts made from high-quality Supima cotton are often prone to wrinkling after washing. When ironing the shirt, you must not iron it on the patterned surface. It is best to iron the shirt with steam at low temperature and turn the shirt inside out before ironing to avoid reducing the color of the shirt. a To preserve Supima cotton clothes, you them should not leave in damp places, as good have hygroscopic and water-absorbing are properties and susceptible to mold and odors. The smell stains can even leave on the fabric of your shirt. only Not but men, even women are often busy with work they and cannot manage housework and laundry. This article has provided some information and tips to help you preserve clothes made from Supima cotton fabric. Hopefully, it has brought you more knowledge and understanding.


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