Marcosee was built with the desire to bring the Vietnamese fashion industry to the world, taking advantage of the advantages of processing quality and the most competitive labor prices in the world to produce quality, durable, and meticulously crafted products at reasonable prices. In addition, Marcosee always ensures that designs are in line with modern fashion trends and meet customer needs. Marcosee’s talented designers constantly strive to bring unique designs, style, and personality, as well as class. Marcosee pays special attention to the quality of raw materials to create the best, luxurious products that still bring comfort to users. With the mission of bringing customers wonderful fashion experiences, with the perfect combination of quality, style, and innovation, Marcosee has gradually affirmed its position as a classy men’s and women’s fashion and reliable brand in the Vietnamese market.



Customers have been using Marcóee's products and they have been growing!

“Our Mission” The Birth of MARCOSEE: Facing Challenges and Moving Forward to Create a Classy Vietnamese Fashion Brand Vietnam is known as the world’s largest garment producer, but it has not yet been able to create globally recognized brands in the fashion industry. The Vietnamese fashion industry has not yet shone with its own branded products but is often only part of the processing chain for major brands worldwide.

Vietnam contributes to generating billions of dollars in revenue for major fashion brands worldwide by processing products for them. However, this has come at the expense of advancement and creating a unique mark for the Vietnamese fashion industry, often forgotten and receiving little attention in international competition.

Products from Vietnamese fashion brands often do not pay enough attention to quality and creative design. The focus on mass production and low prices has reduced the value and appeal of Vietnamese products in the international market. Lack of attention to quality and creativity has made Vietnamese fashion products unable to compete with global brands. But it was in that challenge that MARCOSEE was born with a different determination.

MARCOSEE decided to create a classy Vietnamese fashion brand, with the mission of honoring and developing Vietnamese fashion culture globally. With passion and patience, Marco and See have spent years researching and refining every detail, from choosing high-quality materials to unique and sophisticated designs. They are constantly creative and devoted to bringing iconic and world-class fashion products.

MARCOSEE puts quality and innovation first, from respecting workers to caring for the environment and community. They are committed to applying sustainable and socially responsible production standards, so that products named MARCOSEE are not only the pride of Vietnamese people but also a contribution to the world.

“Our Future”
Outstanding development:
Marcosee thanks our trusted partners for accompanying us in our future development plans.

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Core value

“Marcosee builds an Online business 100% based on product quality”

Product quality

Product quality is raised by Marcosee as a core criterion for sustainable development.

Environmental protection

Marcosee believes that each of us needs to take specific actions to contribute to and protect the environment.

Environmental protection

Marcosee believes that each of us needs to take specific actions to contribute to and protect the environment.



“Environmentally Friendly Materials”
Marcosee promotes the use of environmentally friendly materials in our designs.

Organic Cotton
Pima Cotton
Recycle polyester