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2023 Fashion Trend Prediction: Aiming for Femininity

According to Pinterest, the 2023 fashion trend is that femininity will prevail, with lace and ruffles appearing more frequently from social networks to the streets.

 Pinterest has released a report on 2023 trend analysis and prediction. Described as a “window into the future,” the report analyzed global search data from 400 million people using the platform each month, from September 2020 to September 2022, to predict explosive trends in the coming year. According to the report, romantic comedies, bohemian styles, fringed outfits, and galactic silhouettes will shape fashion trends in 2023. Pinterest is confident in these results, as over the past three 80% of their trend predictions years have come true. In the beauty industry, bright hairstyles will become increasingly popular, and people are increasingly interested in scalp care and prefer gentle makeup styles. According to search data, keywords about scalp massage techniques, scalp cleansing, and how to make natural hair masks have increased dramatically.

Regarding hair color, Gen Z and Millennials are tending towards combining natural hair color with bright purple, blue, and pink. Searches for blue and black braided hairstyles increased by 215%, pink-brown braided hair increased by 280%, and pink and lavender hair increased by 345%. With a 550% increase in searches, Millennials and Gen Z are likely to get a bob haircut in 2023. Acrylic nails will be less popular, giving way to simple French nails with a 235% increase in searches. Additionally, searches for short nails increased by 80% and short braided hairstyles increased by 45%.

“Predicting fashion trends for 2023, Head Waller, of Jenna Fashion at Pinterest UK, shares:

”Fashion is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest. Each month, millions of users use the platform for inspiration and shopping. Our annual report is an effective tool to help brands stay ahead of fashion trends, create explosions at the right time, and not be left behind when these trends actually take place. The results we give are not unfounded predictions; we analyze what people are interested in and are planning to do. In 2023, you’ll see lace, tulle, and ruffles everywhere, and loungewear is no longer a priority. Classic streetwear inspired by fantasy movie scenes will also appear continuously. The Romcom Core trend will bring back silk dresses, tube dresses, and cargo pants. Brands can exploit these trends to better reach consumers. We are excited to share these insights with the fashion industry.”

According to the report and the aforementioned shares, Pinterest predicts that 2023 fashion trends will lean towards femininity with elegant details such as lace, tulle, ruffles, and sparkling materials. This is evident in the year-over-year searches for products such as sparkle dresses (up 365%), tulle sleeves (up 65%), and lace long sleeves (up 225%). For men, this is also a suitable trend, as searches for men’s pleated shirts have also increased by 95%. Furthermore, fringe is another important trend that cannot be ignored. Gen Pinterest states that searches for fringed dresses are up 225%, and black fringed dresses are up 155%. With a 45% increase in search results, 2023 brides are likely to choose fringed wedding dress styles.

According to analysis, Gen Z and Millennials are gradually romanticizing their wardrobes with inspiration from romantic comedies of the 2000s. Romcom Core is expected to explode in 2023, with searches for Women’s aesthetics in the 2000s increasing by 235%, and pink minidress outfits increasing by 145%. Additionally, with the growing trend of the metaverse in recent years, Gen Z and Millennials will be immersed in the world of science fiction. Fashion designs and fashion styles that tend to be inspired by the galaxy and the universe, such as astronaut clothes, Dystopian costumes, stained glasses, and female gamer style, will receive a attention. sudden increase in Searches for Dystopian (anti-utopian) costumes compared to the same period last year increased by 215%, Avant Garde costumes increased by 225%, and female gamer costumes increased by 3,370%.

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